Election 2016


The information on this page has been compiled from currently available policy information from the major political parties websites. The Australian Parents Council is non-political and the publishing of this information is in no way an endorsement of any political party or their pledge but merely an information source for parents.

Comments from parents published on this page were taken as a random pulse of what parents thought was important when it comes to education leading to election 2016.

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Putting Students first

Focus on What Works, Not Just the Funding in Schools (12 May 2016)

The quality reforms needed to get all Australian students ahead (1 May 2016)

Quality Schools, Quality Outcomes, policy document (1 May 2016)

Address to 2016 ISCA-ASHISA National Education Forum. Minister for Education and Training, Sen the Hon Simon Birmingham (15 Mar 2016)

labour logoYour child, our future Policy 

Targetted teaching resources 

Labor’s Plan for Better Schools (11 May 2016)
ALP media release: Every Child in Every School Will be Better Off Under Labor (10 May 2016)

Address to 2016 ISCA-ASHISA National Education Forum. The Leader of the Opposition, the Hon Bill Shorten MP. (15 Mar 2016)

ALP Education Policy Announcement: Your Child. Our Future (28 Jan 2016)

greens logoWorking for a world class education system – Education Equality Initiative

Greens Media Release: Greens Continue Commitment to Fairer Schools Funding (26 Feb 2016)


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Support for students with disability Policy

greens logoGreens commit to fairer students with disability funding (22 April 2016)

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Innovation and STEM

labour logoEvery Teacher, Every Student – Labor’s Plan For Stem Schools (13 May 2016)

Upskilling teachers in STEM

Girls in code grants program 

greens logoEducating tomorrow’s STEM workforce today

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Labor’s Plan to Support Country Classrooms (12 May 2016)

Labor to Invest in Indigenous Students (9 May 2016)

Empowering Indigenous girls

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Childcare support (6 June 2016)
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Labour will deliver fairer and faster child care help (5 June 2016) More affordable childcare policy 
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Making Early childhood and care more affordable and accessible 



greens logoPlan for inclusive communities

Healthier families and communities

labour logoWater Safe: Labor’s Plan To Help Our Kids Swim And Survive (15 May 2016)

Safe Schools : supporting LGBT students 


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