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Fun new resources for families and schools

APC has developed a suite of free, downloadable info-graphics for families and schools to let everyone know about the opportunities Vocational Educational and Training (VET) offers.

Many students, parents and carers are surprised by the breadth of qualifications and careers that VET includes. It's important that everyone understands the real advantages of the flexible, work-focused learning VET provides, and how highly valued VET is by employers, so that young people, and those who advise them, can make smart choices about the future.

We developed these downloadable info-graphics as part of the Real Skills for Real Careers initiative, in partnership with the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

To find out more about all the opportunities VET has to offer visit

This series aims to challenge what you think you know about VET.


Did you know?
This series is full of surprising information about the world of possibilities opened up by VET and is packed full of interesting and unexpected facts.

Did you know?

How did I get here?
In this series, interesting and inspirational VET graduates tell their career story and share their insights and advice in their own words.

How did I get here?

Social Media Pack - free, downloadable info-graphics about the opportunities offered by Vocational Educational and Training (VET), designed specifically for parents and families.  We'd suggest using the square images for posting to Facebook and Instagram, and the landscape format images for Twitter.  And, we'd love you to add #APCVET and @austparents to your posts!

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