Media Statement In Response To The Gonski Panel Review

The Australian Parents Council is pleased to see the strong emphasis on the importance of engaging with parents throughout their child’s education to improve their achievement before, during and beyond school, outlined in the Gonski panel’s review, ‘Through Growth to Achievement’.

We also support the value in individual arm’s length assessment so parents can get independent information on how their children are progressing, and teachers can gain access to timely information that helps them develop individual learning plans tailored to the needs of each individual student.

APC has consistently, and continues to call for a coordinated policy, which brings together best practice and evidence of what works in parent engagement to make the positive impact we all want to see for our children. We hope this now becomes a reality.

APC would like to see all governments of Australia commit to providing the necessary support to students, parents, teachers and schools to make sure we are giving the future generation the best opportunity to realise their potential.

Shelley Hill, President, Australian Parents Council