Meet us Monday – Jenni, CEO

What expertise and experience do you bring to APC? Mum to 3 teenage boys, passion, commitment to achieving equity in education, many years volunteering in schools and sports and a background in Community Development.

Why did you join APC? I stumbled into it! I didn't know there was a peak body for non-government school parents until I was introduced to it via another parent at my kid's school. And I am so glad I did!

What do you hope APC can achieve? That all parents believe in their power to influence and inspire their children to achieve their educational goals.

What do you think are the top three education issues in Australia today? Only 3! Gosh! The well-being of our kids post-Covid has to be number 1. This includes the re-engaging of those that have struggled with alternative educational arrangements AND allowing those who have discovered a better alternative the ability to continue to utilise their new-found safe and secure educational setting. 2. Ensuring transparency and accountability of all facets of our education system. Last but by no means least, that all parents feel empowered to engage with their children's education beyond traditional means and in ways that are useful to them.

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