A strong research agenda guides our work. We have conducted, and been part of, research into schooling and parental engagement for many years. Some of our research includes:

What is parent engagement? Why is it important?

This is an examination of the difference between parent engagement in learning and parent involvement, and why it is important.

Read the paper: parent-engagement-in-childrens-education
Read abstracts from Why Parent Engagement is important: parent-engagement-research-abstracts

Parental Engagement in Learning and Schooling

Launched by Federal Education Minister, Peter Garrett in 2012, this report by the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) was commissioned by The Family-School and Community Partnership Bureau (APC and ACSSO). It draws together Australian and international research on parent engagement, highlights what works and identifies strategies available to facilitate parental engagement practice.

Read the report: parental-engagement-in-learning-and-schooling (3)

What do parents say when it comes to teachers, schools and family school partnership?

This  report examines parent views on the quality of teachers and their teaching, the effectiveness of schools and the education system and the relationships between schools and parents.

Read the report: what-parents-say

Survey of Australian Parents – parent perspectives on secondary schooling

This research examines how parents of secondary school students (aged 14-16) are supported to engage with their child’s learning, as well as the schooling system itself.

Read the report: survey-of-australian-parents

Parents as partners in Indigenious children’s learning

This report documents, analyses and reports on existing innovative and effective partnerships between schools and Indigenious families and communities.

Read the report: parents-as-partners-in-indigenous-childrens-learning

Parental attitudes and perceptions towards the inspirational goals of their children in Australian non-government schools

A study among parents with children at non-government schools, exploring attitudes of schooling, family school partnership and the role parents expect a school to play.

Read the report: ValuesEd3

Social and economic effects of parental engagement

An investigation of whether, and how, parents who are engaged in the education of their children build social capital, promote social inclusion, boost participation in the economy and add to productivity.

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More research reports

  • Link between parental engagement and school governance. Report by ACER, November 2013. Read more
  • Early years literacy and numeracy. Report by ACER, June 2014. Read more
  • Understanding well being in the middle years. Report by Flinders University of South Australia, University of NSW and ACER. Phase one report. Read more
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