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Covid-19 changed the way school's interacted with their parent bodies. On one hand parents became central to learning and on the other, work usually conducted by parents, like fundraising ground to a halt.

As leading advocates for parents in schools we are interested in finding out what helped and what hurt in the changes that were made in school communities by the global pandemic. 

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Successful Learning in the Early Years

A parent-to-parent workshop series focusing on children's early learning and literacy, setting the tone for parent engagement in learning.


Combining career information with practical parenting knowledge. Helping parents guide their children towards a fulfilling career

A partnership with your child's teacher

Building relationships is the foundation for parent-teacher collaboration. For parents and teachers to become partners in children’s learning, empathy and trust must be developed. Find out what you can do as a parent here.

Vocational Education & Training Infographics

Many students, parents & carers are surprised by the breadth of careers that VET includes. It's important that everyone understands the real advantages VET provides, so that young people, and those who advise them, can make smart choices about the future.

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The Australian Parents Council is a representative body that bridges the gap between parents and government policymakers. We are on a mission to help all children thrive in non-government schools but we can't do it alone. We need both sound government policy and empowered parents to ensure academic, social and emotional success in all students.


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