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We value our friends highly as you give us a direct connection to the impact of what’s happening in school education on students and parents. We are genuinely interested in your experiences.

We welcome parents from all social, cultural and geographic backgrounds and school sectors, and families with children with additional education needs.

We want to help parents have an active role in their children’s education. We know this helps children achieve their best at school. And we would like to see parents, as one of the biggest stakeholders in education, have a say in the decision-making and provision of education in Australia.

We believe that a balanced debate on education really needs to include truly independent, unfiltered parent voices. We share member perspectives on school education issues at our regular meetings with government and education leaders, and via our submissions to wide ranging government inquiries and committees.

We provide a genuine platform for parents. We are not affiliated to or funded by any school, sector or provider. This is a major point of difference to some other ‘parent’ organisations.

We also endeavour to keep parents informed of developments in education and share information and advice. We don’t speak ‘at’ you, and would never tell you what to think or who to support.

We focus on education issues that affect all Australian children generally, and parents of children who attend non-government schools specifically.

Our board members, foundation members, individual members and supporters are parents from states and territories across Australia. We widely collaborate with other parent organisations, special interest groups and education stakeholders on national issues.

Over our 50-year history, APC has provided a strong independent parent perspective ‘from the cubby house to Canberra’, and we aim to continue to do so, with your help.


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