About Us

Our History ...

APC was born in 1962, as a result of a parent protest about the unfair distribution of public funds for schools.

Monday 16 July 1962
Parents of more than 2,000 Catholic school students presented their children for enrolment at government schools in Goulburn NSW, following a disagreement about who would pay for new facilities at a local Catholic School. Their action highlighted the unjust way public funds for schools were distributed and resulted in one of Australia’s great social movements.

22 July, 1962
The enormous nation-wide publicity generated by their action led to a meeting of 900 people where the following was moved:

‘This meeting approves and authorises the setting up of an Australia-wide Federal organisation which shall be non-party political and non-denominational whose chief objectives will be:
     i. To maintain the campaign for freedom of choice without penalty for all parents in accordance right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children, and
    ii. Recognising that our schools are an integral part of the Australian education system – lend full support to other citizen organisations in their efforts to improve Australian education standards generally.’

25 August 1962
More than 200 parents from across Australia met in Goulburn to decide the details of the new national organisation. The Australian Parents Council for the Advancement of Education was formed, with this significant addition in the formal motion of establishment:
     ‘Realizing that independent schools are an integral part of the Australian education system – to lend full support to other citizen organisations in their  efforts to improve Australian educational standards generally.’

Our Objectives ...

We believe that active and empowered parents and carers can, and do, make a significant difference to children’s achievement.

We are not-for-profit, non-denominational and non-party political, funded by parents and supported by government. We provide an independent parent voice on education issues and are widely consulted.

We advocate for:

  • school choice
  • parent voice
  • equity in access and funding
  • quality education for all students.

APC is made up of a number of state and territory affiliate organisations, and work with stakeholders and governments to bring about inclusive education reform.

We always want to hear from parents and encourage you to get involved. We can also provide advice, information and links to specialist help on all sorts of education issues. We offer a number of support programs and training, including a nationally recognised Cert IV qualification in Parent, Family and Community Engagement.

Our Council 2020/2021...

President                                               Jennifer Rickard - ACT


Treasurer                                               Colette Wood - WA

Board Members                               
                                                              Sam Gonzales - ACT

                                                              Megan Saunders - QLD

                                                              Don Ryan - TAS

                                                             Dr Rose Cantali - NSW