2022 Parent Survey

How has the work that parents do in school changed over the last 2 years?

Covid-19 changed the way school's interacted with their parent bodies. On one hand, parents became central to learning and on the other, work usually conducted by parents, like fundraising ground to a halt.
As leading advocates for parents in schools, we are interested in finding out what helped and what hurt in the changes that were made in school communities by the global pandemic.
The Australian Parents Council is a representative body that bridges the gap between parents and government policymakers. We are on a mission to help all children thrive in non-government schools but we can't do it alone. We need both sound government policy and empowered parents to ensure academic, social and emotional success in all students.
Australian Parents Council

"The interaction with the school is great, it’s the interaction with other parents that is not back to the way it used to be, we hardly find volunteers to help out with the organisation of the events."

"I wear a mask on site or in a classroom. Simple. No bother."

"School has been excellent with parent communication"

"it made me communicate differently with my Childs teachers"

"I get little to no feedback on my son’s learning, not even comments on his report card. I don’t know how his disability is accommodated in the classroom. I’ve only seen his classroom twice."

"I don't feel engaged, I don't know what's going on, the sense of community is gone"