Successful Learning

Successful Learning workshops can help give students and parents the best possible start to early learning, and form a partnership between home and school.

Successful Learning workshops

The Successful Learning program is a series of parent workshops that encourage and support families to be an active part of a child’s early learning and literacy and numeracy development. The workshops are tailored to become an integral part of school inductions, for preschools where children are being prepared to go to schools, and community and parent groups. They can be delivered online or in person.

The workshops highlight the potential gains for children when parents and teachers work together, and build parents' confidence and skills so they are active partners in their children’s learning. The workshops are full of simple, practical advice for parents on what they can do at home to encourage their child to become a confident and independent learner setting them up for success in school.

Successful Learning workshops usually comprise 2 sessions of 2 hours each and are interactive, drawing on parent interest and experience and focus on:

  • how to be active partners in children’s learning
  • the powerful influence of the family and in particular, parents, on children’s learning
  • the learning that takes place in homes, and practical ways that parents and families can help
  • understanding the way schools teach reading and writing
  • how to respond appropriately to children’s early literacy
  • children’s developmental milestones
  • building positive partnerships between parents and teachers.

Having parents who are engaged in their child's learning is known to make an important difference to children’s readiness for school, their interest in learning, their academic success and well-being.

The workshops are delivered by trained presenters and can be delivered flexibly either face to face or online across Australia. APC also offers training to suitably qualified staff of organisations looking to deliver a number of workshops or ongoing sessions on a licence arrangement.  Please feel free to discuss this further with us. We will do our best to deliver a workable solution that suits each school, pre-school or community.

Parent Hacks for Successful Learning videos

APC has also developed a series of free videos based on the Successful Learning program for parents, that can be shared via social media and in presentations.

The video series includes:

1 - Introducing literacy
2 - Helping your child develop literacy skills

3 - Tips for reading with your child

4 - How to help when your child gets stuck on a word
5 - How to help your child learn
6 - How to help older kids learn

7 - Setting up a study space
8 - Tips for managing home learning

9 - Remember you know your kids best

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