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Concerning trend of decline must be addressed

“Our concern is not about Australia leading the world in rankings but more about acknowledging and dealing with the growing trend of apparent educational decline.  For the investment made, we should, and must, expect better from our overall education system for all our children.” said Shelley Hill, APC President.
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Choosing The Right School For Your Child – Interview With ABC Life Matters

President of APC, Shelley Hill was on the panel discussing ‘starting schools’. Listen here, by clicking the image link.
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Delays And Changes To School Funding Impact Parent Fees And Family Budgets

DELAYS AND CHANGES TO SCHOOL FUNDING IMPACT PARENT FEES AND FAMILY BUDGETS  PRESS RELEASE – APRIL 4, 2017 The Australian Parents Council is very frustrated about the lack of clear, timely information informing schools of what their funding will be post 2017. ‘The current funding model expires at the end of this year and to be…
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Single, Needs-Based, Sector-Blind School Funding Model Welcomed

A single, needs-based, sector-blind school funding model welcomed by non-government parents The Australian Parents Council welcomes the announcement by the Prime Minister and Education Minister that school funding will increase over the next 10 years to $30.6 billion by 2027 and is looking forward to viewing the details of the funding levels and distribution more…
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Transcript Of Webinar With Minister Birmingham and APC Representatives

With the proposed funding changes announced early May, APC was keen to ask Minister Birmingham some of the questions posed by parents in the non-government sector. This transcript details some of the questions asked by APC at a specially convened webinar with APC representatives and Minister Birmingham on May 24. We thank the Minister for his…
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Press Release

PRESS RELEASE JUNE 20, 2017 SENATE SHOULD CONSIDER IMPACT ON FAMILIES WHEN DECIDING SCHOOL FUNDING Non-government school parents are urging the Senate to consider the impact on families when deciding the future of school funding. Any changes need to take into account the effect on family budgets according to the Australian Parents Council (APC). “Many parents…
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