Single, Needs-Based, Sector-Blind School Funding Model Welcomed

A single, needs-based, sector-blind school funding model welcomed by non-government parents

The Australian Parents Council welcomes the announcement by the Prime Minister and Education Minister that school funding will increase over the next 10 years to $30.6 billion by 2027 and is looking forward to viewing the details of the funding levels and distribution more closely.

‘It is very positive to hear the commitment to a single, needs-based, sector blind funding model for Australian schools and we welcome the news of David Gonski leading the review into how the money should be spent.’ said Shelley Hill, Australian Parents Council President.

The Australian Parents Council sees this announcement as providing surety for schools in knowing what funding will flow from state and federal governments for the next 10 years. Negative impacts have been seen in recent years for both schools and for parents in the non-government sector as delays, changes and constraints on long-term planning have equated to affordability issues with higher fees and lack of certainty of resources and programs students in the sector will be receiving in schools.

‘We encourage the Government to consider transition arrangements for the schools who are facing reduced funding so that family budgets are not significantly impacted. It is important to remember that parents are co-funders of school funding of non-government schools and impacts to school budgets impact parents back pockets ‘ said Shelley Hill, Australian Parents Council President.

‘We also encourage the Government to release capital funding figures in the upcoming budget to accommodate the expected growth in student numbers across all sectors. All sectors will need to get planning underway otherwise another funding and resourcing issue looms that will impact on students learning.’ said Shelley Hill, Australian Parents Council President.

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